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We aren't just for girls!

Do not be deceived by our company name!  The Cinderella Company does not only specialize in little girl parties, but we host boy parties too.  So here are some tips on having the most awesome Superhero party.

If throwing a Superhero theme, you need a Superhero of course.  You can only imagine how cool it would be to have Spiderman come in and do some cool moves or flips for your child and his guests.  (Please make sure that your character company can accommodate with this request).  If not Spidey, Batman teaching your kid’s some special Superhero training techniques.

1.  Costumes & Capes:  Just like little girls, you can assume that most little boys will own a costume or cape–especially due to Halloween.  My recommendation is to have them come dressed as their favorite hero.  Many of our clients will make their own non sewable capes and masks for their party guests to wear and take home with them.

2.  Craft Items:  Boys and girls love making crafts.  Depending on how crafty you are and what theme you are hosting, you can have the kids make simple masks or superhero cuffs.  Even little girls will get into making these.

4.  Activities & Games:  Superhero training is an all-time must.  Set up an obstacle course and pull out some athletic equipment to use.  The internet is full of game ideas and activities to choose from.  Test your web-shooting skills (I personally recommend doing this outside).

5.  Venue: Do not attempt to host this type of of party indoors.  Little boys need leg room so an outdoor party is my number one choice.  If that is not possible, I suggest choosing a venue such as a gymnastics studio, community center or church hall.

6.  Party Decorations:  Pinterest! Here is ours:

7.  Lunch/Snacks/Treats:  Presentation, presentation, presentation.

8.  Piñata:  Little boys are very active and love batting at pinatas.  If you’re like me and try to limit the sugar, you can fill it with inexpensive items from Oriental Trading or a novelty company.

9.  Cupcakes:  I actually prefer serving cupcakes because they are so much easier to deal with and you have more selections available.

10.  Favor Bags:  With this theme you can make your own theme related bags.  Again, search Pinterest for fun ideas.

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