Do you love Disney and dream of working for them one day?  Perhaps you see yourself under the lights on Broadway. Or maybe you love to act and sing, but need to gain more confidence and experience before you introduce yourself to Hollywood.  If you said yes to any of the above, then this job is for you. We have had many performers who have gained experience and knowledge by working for the Cinderella Company and have gone on to work for the mouse, or even move to New York or LA to pursue their acting and/or singing career. We love being the gateway to aspiring actors, singers, dancers alike.


The Cinderella Company is an award-winning California children’s character company.  We have several positions available all throughout the Northern Ca Region: Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Marin, Sonoma, Stockton. 


We are always searching for female & male performers who can portray storybook and/or action heroes and who have a theatrical and/or vocal background.

To be considered, you must:
Have a strong work ethic
Love of entertaining and children
No visible tattoos or body piercings while in costume
Reliable transportation
At least 17 years of age



You are paid for the time you are at the party and for travel.  You are not paid for preparation. Pay ranges from $90-$110 for 1 hour, $105-$120 for 1.5 hours and $125-$140 for 2 hours depending on if you use the Cinderella Company's costumes, wigs and supplies or if you have your own (must be approved). 


You will be fully trained on activities, makeup, costume, wig care etc. You will be assigned a Mentor and will be compensated for training at $15 an hour.


As an Independent Performer, you are free to work for other character companies, however you will not be permitted to use our costumes, wigs or supplies at parties hosted by other companies, otherwise you will be charged for back rental costs. Our parties are mostly on weekends. 


A travel of $10 will be paid to you that will cover up to 40 miles RT. You will be compensated .585 cents per mile thereafter including bridge toll fees.


We encourage our clients to tip 20% however, this is at their discretion. All gratuity you earned is for you to keep.

Fringe Benefits

(times will vary)

You will be assigned a Mentor, become part of our Alumni Program, attend our annual Appreciation Luncheon, get exclusive inside The Park tips and tricks, Welcome Dinner with gift, $100 Referral and $100 Sign on Bonus.