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We provide a diverse selection of highly skilled performers dedicated to bringing cherished characters to life in a truly enchanting and unforgettable way. Each entertainer possesses a distinct and authentic costume tailored to the character's persona, ensuring an immersive experience for your event. Our commitment to excellence extends from the quality of our costumes to the thematic activities we offer, setting us apart from the standard entertainment options.

Frozen Ice Queen

Marvel as your child's favorite  Fairytale Character appears at your party as if they just stepped out of a storybook. 

Captain Jack

All of your guests will be thrilled to meet their favorite Superhero, Galactic OR Pirate in person! 

Spring Woodland Fairy

Our glittery Faeries, Unicorns and Mermaids will light up any occasion with their special sparkling costumes

Malibu Doll

Our Storybook Characters will turn you party into an unforgettable experience

Easter Bunny

Come and join the spirit of the seasons with our Holiday Characters that come to life right before your eyes

Fairytale Princess

Fairytale, Princesses and Villains

From Alice to the Tinker Fairies, every fairy tale character will make a magical appearance at your child's party, seemingly stepping straight out of a storybook. Your little girl and her friends will immediately spot this delightful surprise party guest, as each costume faithfully replicates the familiar appearance of a storybook heroine, capturing every detail from the bow in her hair to the glass slippers. Picture the joy as a mermaid shares her undersea adventures, Tink spreads pixie dust, or a princess gracefully dances in her elegant flowing dress – creating a world of enchantment for all.

Action Heroes

Action Heroes, Pirates and Star Wars

Do you ever transform your child into an action hero by pinning on a towel for a cape or building a pirate ship with the dining room chairs?  Your child will be thrilled to meet their favorite adventure character in person! These characters bring a sense of excitement and adventure to any birthday. Whether a hero showing up to save the day or a “dangerous” pirate, these characters will liven up the party for your young child and their buddies!


Mythical Wonders

Do you believe in faeries? At The Cinderella Company we definitely do, and you will too after our delicate winged creatures magically appear at your home or in your garden. These lovely apparitions light up any occasion with their special sparkle, imaginative costumes and iridescent wings. They look a little like flowers, a little like butterflies, and they bring the land of faeries to life, ensuring that your gathering will live in young imaginations for years to come.

Storybook, Film, TV and Trending

The Cinderella Company is a place where you can bring your child's favorite characters to life!  Dressed in perfectly crafted costumes, complete with authentic hairstyles and makeup, our Storybook, Film and familiar TV Characters will turn your child's party into an unforgettable experience. Just tell us which character your birthday child loves best and we’ll do the rest! 

Seasonal and Holiday

The Holiday season is a magical time of the year and our holiday party characters will create that experience you and your guests will love. From Christmas,  Halloween to Easter these holiday party characters are ideal for a variety of age groups and venues. They can be mixed or matched to suit the needs of the whole family.

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