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Welcome to Princess & The Blog

Updated: Jun 27

Welcome to Princess & the Blog! We are so glad that you are here.  I must admit it has been a very  long time since we have blogged, but we are very eager to start writing again. It has been a 16 year heart-felt journey for us, and during that time we have grown and experienced so much.  We now want to start sharing some of those magical moments with each of you.  None of us here at Cinderella Company would be where we are today without the inspiration of Walt Disney.  We may have not have been born during his lifetime, but his life and legacy inspire all of us on a daily basis to dream big and to give with all of our hearts.  We love all things Disney and everything we do is a testimony for our respect and admiration for the Disney Corporation.   Every effort put forth is a complete labor of love because the idea of bringing magic and happiness into people’s lives far outweighs everything else for us.  Our blog though, will be a mixture of party related experiences and suggestions.  We here at The Cinderella Company are very passionate about what we do, so we hope that will come through as you read our entries.  We hope you will enjoy!

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