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COVID-19 In-Person Character Visit Policies

As we begin reopening, it is necessary to make some changes to how we interact with children at celebrations we attend during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. We’re excited to get back to in-person visits, but we also want to take appropriate precautions to keep everyone as safe as possible.


NEW POLICIES: 1. Upcoming appearances cannot be a surprise. Discuss our visit with your child and make sure they understand the policies listed below.


2. For the foreseeable future, we will be doing parties only at private homes or in public, outdoor venues, such as parks. Visits MUST BE OUTDOORS. Rain dates may be scheduled to allow for this, but we recommend considering a pop-up canopy if you don’t have a covered porch or deck. Please accommodate for muddy areas to protect the characters costume and shoes.


3. Please take your child’s temperature the morning of the party and check for symptoms. If anyone in your household seems ill, please postpone your visit. Ask guests to do the same. Guests who show symptoms should not attend your celebration. If your child suffers from seasonal allergies, please consider giving them a children’s allergy medicine to reduce sneezing or coughing. Likewise, if our performers are showing any signs of illness, they will postpone your visit.


4. Children are required to remain six feet away from performers and each other during the majority of activities. This includes singing, dancing, stories, and games. We recommend spreading out blankets appropriately far away from each other to encourage safe distance.


5. For photos, we ask that the child stands facing forward in front of the character to limit the likelihood of transmission. Any performer or representative of The Cinderella Company will not be taking their mask off under any circumstances.


6. Characters will arrive at your party in a character-appropriate mask to demonstrate safe practices to children.


7. Because these policies limit the activities we can provide, we cannot guarantee a visit length. We will stay so long as the child is still engaged and there are still things to do.


8. If your child wants to show us their toys or costumes, please make it clear to your child that they can show us things, but we will not handle them.




1. All of our performers are supplied with hand sanitizer to use before, after and during party visits. Due to limited availability, please provide sanitizer of your own for your child, family and guests.


2. We are reducing hand to hand contact with children at parties. We will not be doing any direct contact with the guests. This includes: hugging, hand holding, high-fiving, or any other activity involving direct touch contact. Our characters can lead games and activities like hide-and seek, freeze dance and animal charades that do not require children to touch things or each other.


Please note, should one or more of these policies and precautions not be followed on the day of your celebration, The Cinderella Company performers have been given permission to leave your celebration at any point in time if they feel that they are at risk. If a performer were to leave due to the client (you) not following our COVID-19 In-Person Character Visit Policies, we will not be refunding your payment.


By signing this document, I understand that any person including my hired character performers could be an asymptomatic carrier of COVID-19 and may unwittingly spread the disease to my child or family members despite reasonable precautions. I will not hold The Cinderella Company responsible if a member of my family becomes ill. I also promise to adhere to the policies listed above for the safety of all involved.

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